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The P.L.CREW is about providing educators with 21st Century Professional Development.
We want to make sure that you get the most out of your professional learning in a collaborative and supportive community.

P.L.CREW Glossary

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As you familiarise yourself with our site, the P.L.CREW glossary may be a handy guide to some of our community’s terminology. In no time you will be attending gigs (webinars), making guest headliner appearances, accessing great resources and enrolling in tracks all while you earn albums, singles and demos and progress through our membership levels – PLCREW Member, Rising Star, Rock Star and Super Star.

Start with a Backstage Pass and advance to Super Stardom!

Start the Tour with a Backstage Pass

  • Progress to Crew Member
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  • Connect with others
  • Join groups
  • Complete ‘The Supporting Act’ course

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Rising Star

  • Enrol in TRACKs
  • Join groups
  • Complete courses
  • Attend gigs (webinars)
  • Get social
  • Get connected

Get involved &
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  • Lead groups
  • Contribute, share and complete learning courses
  • Complete Mentoring and Coaching Courses

Got what it takes to be a Super Star?

  • Lead, contribute and support other members
  • Mentor and Coach
  • Facilitate gigs
  • Present at P.L.CREW Festival

P.L.CREW manifesto:


Kick stagnation
to the curb.


Collaboration over isolation.


Tap the power of sharing your expertise and experience.


To yourself and others.


Sentis Education

P.L.CREW is powered by Sentis Education, a global consultancy that partners with educators to improve the lives of people every day. The benefit of this is that we have access to the research, resources and expertise of the Sentis instructional designers and innovation team.


Your Membership

As a member you have access to TRACKS such as Leadership, Learning, Wellbeing, Resilience and Psychology. Live webinars GIGS are featured throughout your TOUR SCHEDULE and you can register for as many as you like. Perhaps you prefer to work within like-minded groups and share resources, articles and white-papers within your community.

"You are the one who makes the difference!"

What we are…

P.L.CREW is a 21st century professional learning community for educators seeking to grow themselves (and others). P.L.CREW offers range and choice for members with life-changing professional development on offer at flexible times and the valuable opportunity to connect with other dedicated educators.

P.L.CREW members have access to quality online learning, live webinars, expert educators, animations, videos, practical resources, tipsheets, factsheets, toolkits, white papers and current research.

The P.L.CREW membership site is confidential, professional and safe for robust discussion, sharing perspectives and experiences, and engaging in quality learning.

What we are not

A political forum or a platform to whinge, attack or belittle others. P.L.CREW members will always respect I.P and acknowledge owners of content, resources and templates. By joining you agree to act in keeping with the spirit of P.L.CREW and to contribute as a valued member and the learning of others.

Membership includes access to:

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To find out more about how P.L.Crew can support the professional learning needs of your school.

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Tune in to our podcast channel (P.L.CREW POD) to connect with real stories from other educators as well as people with deep expertise in relevant fields .

Get in touch if you would like to be a GUEST HEADLINER in a future pod. We would love to feature your story!

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Facilitated Courses

$ 399
88 + gst
  • Check out our latest online courses kicking off in Term 1 for 2022.
  • *$439.86 per year

Note: All prices exclude GST

At P.L.CREW, we say, ‘What you put into it, is what you get out of it’ so our encouragement is to get in the mosh pit and give it a go!

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Our aim is to connect professionals and support educators, so our team is constantly creating quality resources for teachers and school leaders.

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