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Answer: You can join individually. We thought P.L.CREW would be a great community for those teachers who want to continue to learn, reflect on their own wellbeing and develop leadership skills for future career pathways.

Answer: The courses are targeted at Early Career, Teaching and Learning, Wellbeing, and Leadership. Courses will be updated continually throughout the year as we respond to user requests and engage with experts from different fields. There are currently 18 courses on offer – each organised around the ‘Teaching and Learning’, ‘Leadership’, ‘Early Career Teacher’ and ‘Wellbeing and Resilience’ tracks.  

Answer: Yes. Your certificate will include your name, the course title, the AITSL standards associated with the course addressed, and the approximate time spent on completing the course. You can use your certificate as part of your CPD requirements and also align your course selection to your APDP / APR process.

Answer: Absolutely. We can provide reports for school leaders when they enrol an entire cohort to show what is completed. For individuals you are awarded a certificate outlining the AITSL standards and the time spent on the course.

Answer: Only if you want to. The site has customised coding that recognises your activity as a P.L.CREW member in the online community. You can work through different levels from the original Backstage Pass (when you first join) to Crew Member, Rising Start and Rock Star. For example, if you complete 3 courses, you progress to the next level.

Answer: When we were developing the theme for the site, we wanted something that was inclusive of everyone. Music caters for all personalities, tastes and experiences (plus we are huge music lovers). We also wanted something that was a bit more ‘alive’ and interesting than much of the online learning that is available.

Answer: Yes – and no! To get certification, you will each need to complete courses individually, however, you can definitely work as a group (think ‘working party’, ‘professional learning team’ or ‘faculty team’) to complete the same course/s and use the content – and its application – as the focus for ongoing group professional learning conversations.

Answer: You are automatically added to the ‘All P.L.CREW Members’ group.  You may choose to join any other group on offer, as well as create your own. The aim of the groups is to give you a platform to ask questions, stimulate professional discussion and share any great tips, ideas, or resources. You can also invite other P.L.CREW members to join your groups at any time.

Groups can be private or public – so when our team is working with a particular school, we keep that group ‘private’.

Answer: Within each group is a ‘Documents’ button which takes you to an upload section. You can create folders to organise your files, too.

Answer: Anyone subscribed to the group within which you have posted can see what you have written. Anything posted in the ‘All P.L.CREW Members’ group will be accessible by everyone within the P.L.CREW platform.

Answer:  You will receive an email notification of any upcoming Zoom webinars associated with your track.  You can also view a schedule of webinars by clicking on the ‘Zoom’ button within the ‘Group’ page. Simply click the ‘Registration link’ to sign up, click the meeting link at the nominated time and away you go!

Answer: The Back Catalogue is what we call the ‘freebie’ resource section.  Anything posted there is for the enjoyment of the P.L.CREW members. Use them with wanton abandon!

Answer: Absolutely! We will be asking for you to offer focus areas and suggestions during webinars and/or through periodic focused feedback/idea-generation surveys. In fact, many webinars are specifically dedicated to facilitating targeted discussion of ideas or areas of interest that have been identified across groups. Remember, this platform is for you, so we aim to tailor offerings to your needs and interests. Just let us know what you need and how we can help and we’ll get on it.

Answer: If you both want to meet or contact each other to collaborate or work smarter, not harder (!), it is up to you to manage this. Of course, professional behaviours are assumed!

Answer: We are looking to host an annual ‘P.L.CREW Festival’ where we meet face to face, do some quality learning, connect, and celebrate each other’s progress. P.L.CREW Members will get the opportunity to share current projects, present about their area of expertise and promote collaboration projects.

Answer: We have designed P.L.CREW to establish and maintain your anonymity. Completing your crew member name and profile allows you to choose how much of yourself you share. However, should you want to use your real name, that’s fine, too.  Just know that there will never be any request from us to divulge the school/s you work in, or any detail around colleagues, etc.

Answer: Only if they are in the same groups as you. They will be able to see whatever you post, etc in the groups.

Answer: Yes. We have a team dedicated to doing just that. We regularly check what’s happening across the site and will remove anything that we feel violates privacy or professional online behaviours. Once you have engaged with P.L.CREW to reach the Superstar level, you can even drive conversation and curate content yourself. Great for your C.V!

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