Is this the best use of my time?

Is this the best use of my time?

A New Year rethink for 2021

January 2021. I have spent the last two weeks bingeing on the reality T.V that is the USA, wandering aimlessly into the rabbit warrens of QANON, various people who clearly should not be behind a microphone, and some of the dodgiest politicians of all time. This time-wasting pursuit is fuelled by a frustration of certain global powerbrokers and the ongoing attempts to destroy western democracies by far-right fringe dwellers.

Entertainment yeah?

But I also just watched @joshbrolin’s (final) insta post and it was the jolt I needed to get off this UTTER WASTE OF TIME that has left me unproductive, mildly irritated and drained of any energy.

I recently disconnected – not by choice, but because I had a holiday where there was no connectivity. The days were longer, filled with observations, conversations, sitting still – just being. Once connected again, days have finished and started in a blur, 24/7 news cycles and relentless scrolling, yet I couldn’t even tell you what I read in any detail.

My screen usage time is too embarrassing to report.

Yet I always say, “I don’t have the time.”

My choice in 2021 is clear – passive consumer of other peoples’ lives OR creative producer?

I have the same responsibilities as most people; family, job, health, friends etc., yet I can feel stressed and overwhelmed at times with what I must fit in to my daily calendar.

How can I possibly fit that in? Well maybe 5 hours less screen time might do it!

Time is precious – our most valued commodity.

You get what you focus on.

Time to work out what’s important and start moving towards it.

That’s my challenge for 2021. Daily work. But no doubt worth it if I can use some discipline and make better choices to create better habits. Let’s see how that is rolling in February!

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