Leadership in Schools

The Challenge for Education Leaders

Leadership in schools is continually evolving, and with 71 per cent of principals in Australia being over the age of 50 (AITSL), a burning focus on promoting leadership positions as a desirable career prospect, in addition to identifying and nurturing talent amongst the new generation of educators is vital to ensure a healthy pipeline of future leaders in our schools.

We are in an age of highly competitive and uncertain environments and school leaders are being pressed to achieve more with less. Leaders are tasked with maintaining a positive workplace culture, and engage, inspire and retain their staff.

If we throw in the added complexity of navigating employee generational differences, increased diversity in the workforce, the rise of student and staff wellbeing, and the pressure on the continuity of professional learning, we can appreciate that modern leaders face unprecedented challenges.

The prospective leaders of today need to have much more than a strong technical background to be effective.

There are many leadership programs currently offered to aspiring school leaders, but few focus solely on ensuring that aspirants are given the opportunity to develop their skills beyond technical management.

We need to challenge the way we are upskilling our prospective leaders by providing them with deliberate opportunities to build their capability, which not only sets them up for success when faced with change, challenge or adversity, but allows them to embrace and drive an effective response to it.

For a new approach to building leadership capability, the P.L.CREW Aspiring and Experienced Leader Tracks provide a flexible solution. P.L.CREW is an online learning platform that incorporates three distinct, yet integrated, modes of learning: self-paced courses, live webinars (gigs) and social groups and forums where collaboration and sharing of problems of practice can occur in real time. Get in touch for more information.

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  1. @emman I have issue that many of these leaders are not solutions focused. They are more reactionary. Also an issue is when they micro-manage those around them or worse still turn a blind eye to their grovelling supporters.
    Too true that many of the leaders are not actually leading but managing!

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