P.L.CREW and Training Transfer

It would be so convenient (as training providers) to just ‘dump and run’. Roll out a program, make everyone motivated for a split second and then hope that things will improve once people return to their job. But training transfer doesn’t work that way.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on professional development every year, yet how do we truly measure the return on investment?

To maximise the success of capability building programs, it is vital that schools invest energy in defining their specific training objectives, identifying and measuring the indicators of success, and facilitating employees’ use of their new knowledge, skills, and abilities upon return to work.

Training transfer, or using what you learned during training when you are back at work, requires employees to not only apply what they acquired during the program, but also sustain this use over time. Although many organisations are successful in developing and delivering enjoyable and useful training events, some fail to consider how to best support employees to maintain the use of their learning over time, leading to less than expected transfer and reduced ROI.

Three aspects of training transfer:

So how can P.L.CREW optimise training transfer and help to embed helpful concepts and new behaviours into the fabric of your organisation?

P.L.CREW is an online learning platform that incorporates three distinct, yet integrated, modes of learning: self-paced courses, live webinars (gigs) and social groups and forums where collaboration and sharing of problems of practice can occur in real time.

Schools can opt for a closed (or private) group interaction space to continue interacting with their crew consultant, while still having access to the entire site.

P.L.CREW overcomes some of the training transfer problems by supporting post-training reinforcement. Our expert crew members can continue to support educators with scheduled team check-ins, continued support and challenges and real-time connection, not limited by face-to-face scheduling.

Schools can opt for online only, which is cost effective and time efficient, as well as hybrid models where the online interactions reinforce and complement face to face learning.

If you would like to embed continual improvement and new concepts and behaviours into the fabric of your organisation, consider how P.L. CREW, a 21st century professional learning community can achieve that for you.

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