Backstage Pass

Welcome to P.L.CREW. Here is your Backstage Pass

Everyone has to start somewhere so we have given you a ‘Backstage Pass’ to start you on your journey.

To rise up through the ranks you will need to complete tasks in order to reach ‘Super Stardom’. Each level gives you skills to reach the top of the charts and to ultimately… perform like a Superstar!.

Some of the achievements you need to accomplish at this level is completing the Course/Lesson requirements. You are also required to earn various types of ‘Albums’ for social and community activity within the site.
This might include joining with other ‘Band Members’, reading or commenting on blogs, connecting us via facebook or your preferred social media, engaging in Zoom meetings and general surveys.

To start your journey look at your ‘Tour Schedule‘ on this page and work through each Backstage Pass task to progress to the next level. There is no particular order or time limit that you need to complete your Tour Schedule.

The next levels to achieve are: Crew Member, Rising Star, Rock Star and Super Star!

1 Requirement

  • Purchase any subscription product

Welcome to P.L.CREW !

Our aim is to connect professionals and support educators, so our team is constantly creating quality resources for teachers and school leaders.

In order to unlock the resources, simply fill in your details below so we can keep you updated as we add new resources and deliver free webinars in the future!

We look forward to you joining our crew!