Supporting our early career teachers

Supporting our Early Career Teachers

Teacher attrition rates have remained a significant issue in the education sector, with up to 50 per cent of teachers expected to leave the profession before they make it through their first five years of classroom teaching. In schools disadvantaged by poverty, and those in remote and rural communities, these statistics are even higher. How can we support our early career teachers and drive this statistic down?

— And it’s rarely because of the kids. —

Principals across the country, especially those in hard-to-staff communities, have reported that their capacity to deliver quality learning experiences to students is impeded not by the students, but a lack of teaching staff and resources.

With this recent intensification of the workload that comes with being a classroom teacher, the new generation of educators may feel unprepared, overworked, and unsupported.

Early career teachers are experiencing burnout before their career even gets started.


So what can we do to support our early career teachers?

Passionate educators understand that the continuity of professional learning is especially important in this rapidly changing industry. To combat teacher-burnout as a whole, schools should be focused on providing their staff with the resources, tools, and the time to help them excel.

There needs to be a clear focus on positive collaboration within school communities to support both teachers just starting in their career, and those aspiring to be school leaders.

How P.L.CREW can help!


For a new opportunity to connect, collaborate and support Early Career Teachers, The Professional Learning Community is a flexible and cost-effective solution. 

P.L.CREW is an online learning platform that incorporates three distinct, yet integrated, modes of learning: self-paced courses, live webinars (gigs) and social groups and forums where collaboration and sharing of problems of practice can occur in real time. Schools can opt for a closed (or private) group interaction space to connect with their colleagues, or take part in robust discussion with passionate educators directly related to their practice

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  1. There’s been a really good focus on Beginning Teachers in recent years, and our region has been extending this to our Early Career Teachers as well. Networking and collaboration are so important throughout many stages of professional development.

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