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Diminisher and Multiplier Mindsets Questionaire


1. The natural response from educational leaders who are weighed down by enormous challenges and work demands include the following:

a) We are already overworked.

b) Our most effective staff are even more overworked.

c) The only way we can make these changes is through the addition of more resources.

d) All of the above

2. The 5 Disciplines of the Multiplier are:

  1. a) Attract & optimise talent, create intensity that requires best thinking, extend challenges, build community decisions, instill ownership and accountability
  2. b) Attract and use talent, limit thinking, exaggerate challenges, make solo decisions, demand ownership and accountability
  3. c) All of the above

3. The Multipliers mindset involves the belief that:

a) Intelligence is fixed

b) Intelligence is dynamic

c) Intelligence is a threat

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