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P.L.Crew short video introduction


Hi there, P.L.CREW Members, and welcome to the team.

This video is the first step towards familiarising yourself with the core ideas and processes behind the P.L.CREW platform.

So, this is really about putting you in the driver’s seat – you choose your track, or tracks – which are the general areas of focus (like leadership or teaching and learning) – and complete a series of learning experiences of your choice that accumulate to progress you to the next level.

Based on Sentis Education’s Wellbeing and Resilience, Teaching and Learning + Leadership and Culture programs, the tracks are designed to introduce newcomers to our applications of psychology and neuroscience, as well as giving former participants the chance to extend their learning and share their work.

Everyone starts with The Supporting Act - the universal foundation module aimed at providing the whole crew with a common language and understanding of core Sentis concepts which will inform your applications along the way.  There’s also a handy glossary to help you learn the P.L.CREW language.

Beyond The Supporting Act, you determine your level of involvement – there are 4 levels – Crew Member, Rising Star, Rock Star and Super Star – each of which involves varying degrees of resource creation, engagement with other crew members and opportunities to lead the crew’s learning.

You can enrol in as many tracks as you like and there are various courses available along the way to allow to specialise in particular areas.  You’ll see here a brief overview of some of the elements of each track.

One of the most exciting elements are the frequent ‘Guest Headliner’ webinars, where highly-skilled experts from the worlds of education, psychology and leadership will share their strategies and process to guide our learning.

Each crew member has the power to influence topics of focus, collaborate to identify and trial strategies, create resources, seek and give feedback and also connect autonomously at any time through the platform.

It really is a case of choosing what you want to work on and collaborating with experts and peers to improve your practice together.  There are so many benefits to joining the P.L.CREW particularly if you would just like an impartial outside ear to bounce your ideas around with.

How will  you amplify your learning?

Welcome to P.L.CREW !

Our aim is to connect professionals and support educators, so our team is constantly creating quality resources for teachers and school leaders.

In order to unlock the resources, simply fill in your details below so we can keep you updated as we add new resources and deliver free webinars in the future!

We look forward to you joining our crew!